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The Pattadese, a Sardinian treasure

The history of Sardinian knives is closely linked to the master craftsmen who created these small masterpieces. Pattada, an ancient village located in the heart of Monteacuto, was the birthplace of some of the most important craftsmen who revolutionized the history of Sardinian knife making: in fact, it is here that the Pattadese knife was born, a particular type of switchblade that made Pattada famous worldwide.
Pattada is not only home for Massimo: it’s also a place that plays a crucial role in his professional life. In fact, it’s here that breathes the passion for the creation of fine knives every day. Since his childhood, Massimo has had a predilection for arts and craftsmanship, for drawings and the shaping of materials. He grew up with a strong desire to learn how to make his own knives and he became an undisputed master: that’s how Massimo’s creations were born, an exclusive artisan production that has received recognition all over the world that has led Massimo to the creation of a niche market among collectors worldwide, thus conquering a special place in the history of Pattada.

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The magic of Massimo’s knives happens in the tranquility of his laboratory in the heart of Pattada, a sanctuary where he forges blades, where he shapes ox, ram and mouflon horns, and where he carves the finest woods in order to free the shapes trapped in the material.
The silence of the work is punctuated by the rough hiss of the file that cuts through the materials, by the hammer that shapes the incandescent metal on the anvil, and by the vice that tightens around the frame of his latest creations. A meticulous and accurate work, which requires unmatched skills and a lot of patience: Massimo is only satisfied when each component is perfect and blends harmoniously with all the others. The excellence of Manca knives is now known all over the world. Important brands such as Ferrari and Ducati have chosen him for the creation of unique sets. There are also many enthusiasts who have chosen his creations in order to enrich their collections: from Albert II, Prince of Monaco to the American entrepreneur Tom Barrack, the unique design of Manca knives have conquered the hearts of many knife enthusiasts around the world.

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