The Classics

The collection of classic knives faithfully follows the tradition of the the resolza, the iconic Sardinian knife from Pattada. The traditional lines of this folding knife are masterfully reproduced in the classic collection of Manca knives. Each model can be customized with different materials – for example oak, heather or ash wood for the handle – and each part of the knife can be custom engraved and decorated.

Deep Black

The classic line of switchblades in a unique and precious version: Deep Black, with its black
horn handle and black Cerakote blade, combines the modernity of colors and materials with
the more traditional lines of the pattadese resolza, giving life to a superb knife, aggressive and elegant at the same time, a real treat for true connoisseurs.

Type: switchblade.
Blade lengths: 10-12cm.

Resolza Damascus

The Damascus resolza combines the unmistakable lines of the classic Sardinian switchblade with a damascus blade. This ancient technique of steel working, comes directly from the Middle Ages and it creates a unique design on the blade giving it unprecedented elegance and harmony. The handle is available in light ram’s horn, dark ram’s horn, olive wood and juniper wood.

Type: switchblade.
Blade length: 10cm

Sa Resolza - Classic pattadese

The line of classic knives offers an impeccable version of the Sardinian knife from Pattada, sa resolza, a switchblade knife with a handle carved from olive wood, juniper wood, light ram’s horn or dark ram’s horn. Type: switchblade. Blade lengths: 8-10-12cm.

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