The choice of precious materials, the many collaborations, the balance between innovation and tradition, the masterful craftsmanship: this is all part of Massimo Manca’s knives, unique pieces appreciated all over the world.

In 2007, Ferrari, the world-famous Italian car company, relied on Massimo for the creation of a unique set of 3 knives celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company. However, this is only a chapter of the true love story between Manca knives and the sport world: Massimo was in fact chosen by Ducati for the creation of a display blade, and again by the organization of the 2017 World Rally Championship which commissioned him a knife for the winner of the competition.

The collaborations that Massimo takes part to are of the highest level, inside and outside the sports. Massimo’s extraordinary ability to shape materials blends perfectly with the elegance and taste of a world master of design, Cesare Monti. Their collaboration gave birth to the Pattada Remastered line, an unprecedented and fascinating version of the switchblade knife. The fine level of Manca’s craftsmanship conquers even the most expert eyes: Massimo created customized sets for the Al Maktoum royal family of Dubai, for Prince Albert of Monaco, for entrepreneurs Tom Barrack and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. Among his clients, we count the unforgettable Lucio Dalla, Beppe Zola and many others.

Ferrari - 60th anniversary

Maranello "La rossa"

A unique three-piece set, made in 2007 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the company. Mouflon horn, steel and white gold. Ferrari signed certificate included.
Set Ferrari - Collezione luxury Manca
Certificazione ferrari
Principato di Monaco

Principality of Monaco


Personalized set for Prince Albert of Monaco, consisting of 6 pieces with striped mouflon horn handles.

Principato di Monaco



Jackknife in ram’s horn, 10 cm blade in fine AISI 440 steel and alpaca collar. Made for Ducati Sardinia DOC in 2011.
WRC - World Rally Championship 2017

WRC - World Rally Championship

the most famous rally event in the world

Jackknife with a ram’s horn handle, a 10 cm blade in fine AISI 440 steel and an alpaca collar. Made for WRC World Rally Championship in 2017.
WRC - World Rally Championship 2017
WRC - World Rally Championship 2017

From the left: Malcolm Wilson, former rally driver and founder of the M-Sport team, Massimo Manca, Ott Tänak, driver of the M-Sport team who won the 2017 Rally di Sardegna, and Martin Järveoja, co-driver of the M-Sport team.

Royal family Al Maktoum - Dubai

burj al arab and atlantis the palm

Custom knife set made for the Al Maktoum royal family. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is Emir of Dubai, vice president and minister of the United Arab Emirates and one of the richest men in the world.

The collection includes, among others, a unique item: this knife has a ram’s horn handle and its 12-centimetre blade was engraved with the characteristic profile of the Burj Al Arab hotel, owned by the sheikh.

Famiglia reale Dubai
Famiglia reale Dubai

The Al Maktoum royal family was so impressed with Massimo’s craftsmanship that they requested a dedicated limited-edition line, so that it could be sold to their customers inside the Burj Al Arab: a prestigious international showcase that makes Manca knives among the most precious collections in the world.

Famiglia reale Dubai

From the left: Massimo Manca, the Sheikh and Crown Prince of Dubai Hamdan bin Muhammad Al Maktum, and Gianluca Laliscia, world endurance champion and sports manager.

Cesare Monti


The perfect balance between the Sardinian tradition of resolza and the lines of the best Italian design: from the collaboration with Cesare Monti (cesaremonti.com) the Pattada Remastered line was born, a limited edition entirely Made in Italy.

Pattada Remastered con Cesare Monti
Pattada Remastered con Cesare Monti

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